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Experience the joy of discovering a cool place, and sharing it with friends, in a whole new way
Sample image from the Tuffel app
Sample image from the Tuffel app
Sample image from the Tuffel app
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to live in Austin to participate?

Live in, or travel to, Austin - yes.

Will there be prizes and free swag and maybe a party?


Will I have to install an app on my phone?

Yes. You need to install an app on your phone, and you will need to sign into the app with a Google account.

When will Truffel become available in my area?

We are starting in Austin, but hope to be able to expand Truffel to the rest of the US and beyond during 2023. Register your email address to receive the latest updates and find out when the app will be available for you!

Where can I download Truffel?

Truffel is currently in private alpha. Our early testers will receive an exclusive link to download the app. Enter your information above to receive updates about the Truffel launch.